‘I’m here too..’


Has anyone ever felt like second-choice (or 58th for that matter)? Like not the childish ‘I need attention’ kind but truly you’re always next in line for something or someone?

Let me tell you about how exhausting it is to just wait, wait and wait for something to happen, for someone to notice. It is so draining and you’re angry and upset and don’t have a clue what is wrong. Sometimes this feeling is greater and sometimes it’s not, but it is always there at the back of your mind, an almost underlying feeling of not being wanted. People (like moms, I know mine did) try to convince you that it’s not true, that the world is indeed a beautiful place instead of the cruel and greedy place it is. But somehow you beg to differ, because you know that this is life no matter what anyone says. Maybe you’re in denial or maybe not, who’s to know for sure but this is just me telling how I feel like 99.999% of my life. Do you feel the same? Tell me.