For a few years now, ‘fandoms’ have been a part of my life. I start my day checking twitter and end my day browsing it. This post is to tell how being in a fandom helps you. First and foremost, you can escape reality any time. Fandoms are like happy places (more like emotional) but they help you get your emotions out in the open. You feel like you belong somewhere even if you don’t feel like that in reality. Secondly, you find friends. Friends who can’t judge on materialistic things such as how you look or what you wear, but your personality and character. Be careful around catfish though. But I can assure you, you will find at least one person who completely understands and gets you on there. I’m totally writing from personal experience, I found a lovely friend on there who I’ve been best friends for almost 3-4 years. It’s been an exciting journey so far. Another thing that you will learn so much about is globalisation because everyone you talk to is from a different part of the world. Personally, I’ve learned a lot of useful things from twitter and being in a fandom than I ever did in school.

This might sound extremely weird and confusing but its a 100% , completely true. I had no clue any of this would happen when I unintentionally joined one. But its been a hell of an exciting, thought-provoking journey and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without it and for that I thank whatever that lead me to it.

Lastly, its my way to deal with the occasional loneliness I feel! I really hope I don’t sound too preachy and that you’ve enjoyed this post.

I’d love to read your stories regarding. Comment below xx