Trying out new and different things always excited me, I was never the one to shy away from opportunities. But saying that, I was also never the one to continue them for long. Its sad, really, because I have the passion to do it but never the drive to finish what I’ve started and

it’s such a pain when you’re in a world with so much competition and most people are specialists. For example: Guitar, an all time dream of mine to shred and lose myself in the utmost frenzy. My dad bought one for me thinking I might play. So sorry to disappoint you dad but it just didn’t happen. Now it just lies in the corner of my room with dust collected on it. It’s not that I didn’t try, I tried my hardest. Took a few classes, on-line videos, tried to play along different songs, music books etc. Everything under the sun. but nothing worked out. Every time I pick it up with hopes that, that moment was the one. It never was but it never stopped me from trying again and again from time to time.

Now that was just one story, I got so many that its honestly sad. Maybe I am entitled to only be a dreamer. But at the end there’s nothing wrong with it since good intentions are positive.

Do you guys have stories similar to mine? Let me know xx