Laughing, something we do quite often, but is every smile, smirk or laugh real? Do we really mean it?

There are those small giggles that have slipped through in an awkward conversation or those tummy shattering, ringing laughter that often leads us feeling as though everything’s perfect. But has there been a time when you don’t have a clue how to reply back so you just ‘laugh it off’?

I’m sure everyone has been through that kind of dilemma where the best thing you can do is just smile and not say a word back.

It’s just one of those things that we learn as we grow, that not every time we smile it has to be real. And we do it to avoid unnecessary arguments and commotion. But it is important to remember to really smile, for yourself. Although usually it is an involuntary action, being conscious of it spreads positivity within yourself and that is important.

So this post is to remind you to smile and cut down on those artificial laughs! 🙂