Recently, I’ve seen all these posts and videos about fall/autumn weather. Where I come from, this time of the year, is called monsoon. This season consists of sultry, rainy days to be exact. Better get your umbrellas and rain coats out! It is one of my favourite seasons (supports my dark soul). So to welcome this magic, I have jotted down my five favourite things

about this season. Enjoy!

1. I love the sound of raindrops hitting my window at night. (Makes me sleep better)

2. I love how everything warm is suddenly so enticing. (Coffee/ Hot chocolate/cuddles *heart eyes emoji*)

3. I love how well music goes with rain. (All those jazzy tunes)

4. I love how disconnected I get with reality when it rains. (*dreamy eyes*)

And lastly,

5.  I love how it manages to make me smile no matter what kind of day I’m having. (*smiles with cheeks bunched up*)

What is your favourite season? Let me know 🙂 xx

Update: I don’t like how I made this beautiful season into a bulleted post. On the contrary I found an amazing video that describes the feeling  a little (a lot) better than I ever tried. So enjoy this masterpiece by the lovely  Calvyn Justus. Thank you!