Do you ever have those nights when no matter how late it is you just can’t seem to shut your brain and call it a night? I’ve been having these insomniac nights quite frequently for a little while now. One thought always leading to other and suddenly it’s 4am or some ungodly hour
and I’m on my phone reading about something mundane or watching the silliest of the videos.

So from my experience I’ve gathered a few tips to help you relax!

Tea:  Drinking tea or any warm drink like milk (unless you’re lactose intolerant like me) without caffeine or too much sugar can make you feel warm and relaxed from inside. Any flavour works but my favourite is peppermint.

Music:  Any music that is soft and has a slow tempo is helpful. Ben Howard is one artist I highly recommend, his voice and guitar melodies are extremely soothing. Another thing that I’ve noticed is if you listen to instrumentals or a song in different language which is slow and something you really like then go for it. Different language makes it harder for you to sing along which makes your brain focus on the melody than the lyrics which helps.

Another app that I use quite often is 8tracks. It has playlists according to the mood that you can choose from and listen to.

Atmosphere:   Scented candles are warm nice smelling things that melts away any of your anxious, stressed out thoughts.  Lavender scented ones are advised to be perfect for insomnia but I’d like to think it’s a personal choice. Candles, fairy lights or things like that will lift your spirits and make the atmosphere of your room nice and pleasant. Going to bed happily can make you sleep better. Try it?

Some people might recommend reading but I personally don’t because reading gets me going. I can’t stop when I start one, I won’t let go of the book until I finish it. But if you’re unlike me and reading is something you’d like to try before sleeping then I say go for it.

Everything about yourself is in your command and you are the only one that can make yourself completely  unfold and relax. So believe that and work with yourself.

I hope you have had a good night’s sleep after this. If you have any other ways to help sleep better, leave a comment about it! ❤️