It starts out with a word and evolves into a new world that drowns you in itself.


I mean books are my defence mechanism for life. When life gets stressy and messy, I turn to books. I suppose I’m happier getting riled up at fictional characters than real people. Basically, my mind turns into auto-drive when I’m reading. Maybe it’s because I’m hands off with the already made decisions in the books? Perhaps I’m not as good with decision-making as I thought myself to be. Oh well, don’t I love learning about myself more and more everyday? (Ignore my premature existential crisis)

Back to the topic at hand, escapism is probably the best word I can use to describe my love for reading, because that’s what it does, it helps me escape the daylight into exploring something new, exciting and adventurous; all the words you hear on topic of books. It also holds a deeper value to me as it has sparked my interest in writing. Although I may not word very eloquently or write with enviable simplicity that I often admire, perhaps one day my words would make sense. Probably not as perfectly as a Thomas Hardy or a Jane Austen but somewhere along the lines of ‘eloquently simple’.

Let me know what books do to you ❤️ xx