Have you ever felt anxious/afraid to express your opinions online? Maybe you wanted to post about how you like something but in order to avoid criticism and judgement from others you just avoided sharing your opinions all together? 

Personally, I’ve been there and done that (still do sometimes). It’s just easier to not share than share and argue. But I suppose some people like that and those are the kind of people that like to interact and CLEARLY I’m not one of them. Major fail.

This happens with pictures and selfies too. How many people have thought ‘will this filter make people like the picture more or the other one?’ before posting it? I can tell you with a lot of apprehension that I must’ve thought about posting a picture atleast 50 times before actually posting it… or not. And this is something that I’ve sort of ‘developed’ recently. When I was first introduced to social media like Facebook,etc. I had no pre-acquired apprehensions then, so this must be some kind of an after-effect of spending way too much time on the Internet.

In order to conclude, for everyone who might share a similar opinion to mine, the only solution that I can think of for this is to stop giving a f*** about what people will/will not think about your opinions and views, just keep in mind to not be ignorant of others’ either. You don’t want to come off as a hypocrite!

Do you feel like you can relate to this post?

I’d like to hear your views and thoughts so comment down and let me know!