Since the weather’s changing where I live and global warming is messing it up even further, I started feeling very under the weather. So during the few days that I was sick, I was also bored as all I did was eat and sleep till I forgot where I was. Now eating and sleeping sounded great.. but only for the first day or two! I turned to the internet and started searching up things to do during then but I didn’t really end up learning something new nor did I step out of my house.

So here are a few things that I actually did when I was sick:

  • Movie / TV Show marathon. Catch up to all the movies and TV shows you couldn’t watch because of your busy schedules.
  • Read as many books as you can. ( Escapism )
  • Discover new music and obsess over the artist/band. Listen to different genres or artists you usually don’t listen to (don’t ignore those YouTube suggestions) and maybe you might like them. I’m loving the band Bring Me The Horizon and their new sound currently. 
  • Walk around your house or room for 15-30 mins or less if you’re really sick. Also if you don’t feel like getting up there are these yoga moves/exercises that can be done on bed, so you can google that! Stretch those muscles out since being cooped up in bed all day can give you cramps & make you feel even more sick.
  • YouTube videos.There’s so much good content on YouTube if you ignore the weird side of it. So many humorous and talented people on there so if you have never been into that kind of thing, I definitely suggest people to check it out! I’ve recently been watching a Japanese YouTuber called PDRsan, his videos are predominantly in Japanese but he subtitles every video in English. I’ve also been watching Onision lately. But just a disclaimer, his humor isn’t for everyone but I enjoy it.

So there you go, things to do when you’re feeling a little bit ill or under the weather. If you happen to want to add anything to this just comment down below! ūüôā