A/N: Hey guys so I’ve never done anything like this before but I really wanted to try writing something of this sorts so I came up with this. Let me know what you guys think! 🙂 x

The Aussies of 5 Seconds Of Summer are back with a brand new sophomore album, Sounds Good Feels Good. Now even as a fan I didn’t exactly know what to expect because no one knew the extent to which they were experimental on the new album. Although they did mention that it was different and more personal. So I pre-ordered it and listened to it the night it came out (Oct 23) !

The two things that came to my mind after listening to album (after all the fangirling of course) were organised and calculative risk. 

Organisation of the songs on the album is important but it is particularly crucial when it follows a theme. And this 5SOS album does carry a theme of broken heart and alienation and follows with mending it and carrying on (pun intended). I would compare this album almost to an action movie. Songs like Money, She’s Kinda Hot, Permanent Vacation and Hey Everybody start of the album with a big bang whereas Jet Black Heart, Broken Home, Castaway and Invisible represent glimpses of the heart-breaking past. Shuffling between the past and the present, songs like Safety Pin, The Girl Who Cried Wolf, Catch Fire and Airplanes are more of the healing/self-awareness kind of songs. Vapour, Waste The Night and San Francisco are the little romantic and passionate scenes that everyone anticipates in the movie. Fly Away can be compared to all the travelling scenes. And finally a hopeful climax, that’s what Outerspace/Carry On promises to be! It’s a perfect movie to watch or better yet an amazing album to listen to! The little interludes in between have also led me to make this comparison. The orchestra/instrumentation on whole is grade A! 

I also mention calculative risk because it definitely is different from the current themes of pop music but nonetheless very relatable to a large extent of teenagers/young adults. 

Basically what I’m saying is it not only sounded good but it felt even better! 

Have you listened to it? What’s your favourite song? Let me know in the comments!!