I’m currently at that point in the year where every little thing is stressing me out and my undercurrent anxiety is showing up a lot more frequently. All the motivating/positive words I had have gone out of the window and the hours keep ticking away. I just want to sleep for the next few months and wake up when things get better. Sadly, things don’t work out that way!

I finish high school in about a little more than 4 months and there’s a lot to do but my mind just seems like it’s in a daze. Snapping out of it seems hard but here comes the question of can’t or won’t and honestly I do not know the answer to that.

I just wanted to apologise, to whoever takes time to read my posts and to myself as well, for not posting very often. This blog is my baby and I promise to post more frequently when I get things under control.

Thank you for sticking by! Let me know how’s life for you, hopefully it’s going on better than mine 🙂 x