Did you ever get judged because of the music you listen to? Do you ever judge people on their taste in music? 

Have you ever thought why do you do this? At the end of the day, isn’t the music that we listen to matter more than who likes it or not?

The only thing that should matter while looking up a new band/artist is whether you like it or not. No one else’s opinions matter and neither does your opinion when enforcing it upon someone because everyone has a different taste in things and there’s no right or wrong.

Another thing that I’ve noticed quite a lot is when an artist/band has a lot of female following they’re instantly disliked/hated on. Why is that? Women take up half the population in the world. So do men. But why is it not ‘cool’ to like artists that have a lot of female fans? Isn’t this some sort of a discrimination as well? 

All I have to say is music is a judge-free zone and it is something that’s so personal to each and every one. And I don’t think anyone has the right to influence it negatively. So enjoy what you listen to and don’t listen to anyone who says any different! 


A/N: This post has been in my drafts for a long time now, I haven’t posted it as this topic means so much to me that I am afraid I didn’t do it justice but because I know people might relate to this, I have done up my courage and posted it. Also hang in there, there is a Christmas post coming up! Thank you for reading as always! 

Here’s a video (among others) that influenced me to write this post: