A/N: New year, new me guys. Jk jk. Lol. I’m still just the same as I was a few days ago. Here’s a little piece I wrote, read on to find out what it’s about 🙂 thank you x 

The swirling darkness makes me squeeze my eyes shut

And the bad thoughts leave a putrid taste in my mouth 

The pounding drum in my head doesn’t seem to go away 

And my heart seems to be in a vice-like grip, 

Making every shuddering breath deeper and longer. 

The disgusting clammy feeling in my palms and feet makes me cringe, 

Pushing me further into my shell. 

The reasons that make me feel this way, I can’t avoid. 

Yet I can’t digest it either which leaves me somewhere in between, 

On my highway to hell.

The brightest of the days feels ‘too hot’ 

And the chilly nights feel ‘too cold’. 

I wish I could get a grip and act more pleasant 

But the paralysing fear does what it says 

And I fail at squeezing the lemons that life gives me from time to time.