Now I didn’t want to write a post about body image issues and such as I believe it is so personal to each individual that no amount of blogposts, videos and Twitter trends are going to change a person’s experience with their own body. But there are few basic things

that I want to point out in this post that people may have forgotten by getting too caught up in fitting in the societal norms. 

First, I have 206 bones that are arranged in my body in a way that are a tad bit different than yours; are you gonna compare a triangle and a square? Which one is the better structure? Let me know if you have an answer cause I certainly don’t. Second, let me know if I’m incorrect but I know that my parents are different than yours, hence you and I have different genes. Keeping this in mind, I can’t look like you and you can’t look like me. 

 As we’ve established that, there are three questions that might help you to possibly ‘upgrade’ your body: 

  1. Do you think that your body is capable enough to survive the world, physically, for a long long time?  
  2. Are you dodging as many diseases as you possibly can? 
  3. Are you happy with yourself?

If you’ve responded to at least one positively then I don’t think you have much to worry about, but if not then think about it, not for me, not for the society and certainly not for the image but for you, your strength and your health. 

I wouldn’t exactly say I answered the above questions too positively but I’m definitely working towards it. It took me awhile to come up with this as I’ve had my own journey with physical appearance and fitness. But I strongly believe that this is an individual journey to each, to discover and accept themselves. 

So let’s do this together! 💪