It’s been awhile since we spoke last,

 I wish I didn’t say this with such longing for you 

but I just can’t seem to let go of what we had. 

Things that I loved about us 

now haunt me like an ex-girlfriend;

 Like how we planned to spend every waking moment together, 

and how we mapped out the world to visit.

It all seems surreal now that I can’t even ask how you’re doing 

without feeling a dread of doom. 

I hate that I can’t eat a meal in peace without having to 

think about how I could’ve had it with you, 

and I hate that every place I go to 

I wished I could’ve brought you along. 

It makes my heart clench 

how every rainfall is a reminder of our time in the start,

 when we were just beginning to explore each other. 

Oh, how I miss it!

Surprisingly it’s not just you I’m fighting against right now 

but the whole seven heavens and I’m more than ‘just overwhelmed’. 

It shows me how nothing else mattered when I had you by my side 

and now I feel ungrateful to not have realised it sooner.

I hate how I look at the moon and think what you must be doing then, 

oh how sad if you did the same. 

Lastly I hate how it’s consuming me, 

 how every breath I take reminds me 

I’m not breathing the same air as you.


A/N: This is something I wrote inspired by the writing style of the ArtParasites and I really liked how it always talked so intimately that it’s bound to grip at your heart. I’ve tried to bring out a similar sort of feel to it, so let me know what you think  🙂 thank you for reading!