When its always a game with your beloved,

And family is out of question.

There’s a lonely young man out there,

you might know him as a metro-sexual villain.

Although charming, always delve in with caution.

When fathers were teaching their sons how to score a three-pointer,

his was busy letting his PA know to deposit a couple more bills in his sons’s bank account.

Thick skin and taut head was a turtle shell to the young man,

only ever rattled by papa’s opinions.

What happens when the father is killed?

The beloved saves the falling, the game turns into love.

Love never experienced, love so unconditional.

Don’t think he has gone soft, when you look him in the eye

You will find that dangerous glint, lurking around.

Ready to pounce, if his new-found happiness is as little as grazed.


A/N: Hey guys, for awhile now bad boy characters with daddy issues have been a generic favorite of mine , so I was inspired to write something along the lines so here!^^ Let me know what you think! Leave a comment if any of you have anything exciting to read, I’d love to! Cheers x