Hey everyone,

So I know I said I’ll post new content and I haven’t. And the reasons for that are a few, one of the main ones being that I thought I’ll be able to come up with new content after high school since my head won’t be thinking about grades and assignments anymore but that didn’t happen since I just felt exhausted from everything and just wanted to ‘veg out’ in front of a screen. But I was also torn between trying to come up with content and not because I just felt like no one reads these things anymore, hell no one even watches videos longer than 10 seconds, so my motivation was to a zero. But a week ago I got on a flight alone for the first time, to visit my brother for the summer, and it wasn’t a short flight. I started to question everything I thought I ever wanted and what I want currently, and I’m still trying to find answers for myself during this trip, hopefully I’ll have some conclusions by the end of it. One thing that keeps pulling me back to this blog and website is writing. 

See for me emotion drives me to write and mostly the negative ones but I want to change that, I want to write from the heart and it wont fetch me a living but I still want to do it for as long as i enjoy it.

It has been a  few confusing months but I’ll always write about it I guess.