Dreams, we all have them, about a future that we would like to have. We would work to any extent to have these dreams come true but over time I have noticed how many young people are not giving into the charm of having dreams, smart kids.

Whether we blame the society or the economy or just competition, dreams have become harder to achieve and a new system of alteration has started. Personally experienced, I started with a rainbow image of who I wanted to be and how I wanted my career and profile to look but as I age every year, the image/ dream keeps altering little by little. It’s saddening yet adjustment is what we are taught. In the process of fighting for what I want, I have molded my dream into something that I barely recognize anymore but I have to look content about it. Isn’t this what I worked so hard for?

No, it isn’t. I wanted to be a part of the making of something great not serve coffee to those who do. Passion isn’t seen anymore, money and power have took over and we have to stay silent about it and pretend it doesn’t bother us. All these complaints from students about education have to be taken seriously as it is a cry for help and being stubborn about it isn’t going to change the world.

It doesn’t feel good to have my dream altered and I don’t want anyone to have to do so either.

Frame your dream and follow it. Dreams are important.

-Love, M