So as you may or may not have read I’ve been on summer break, visiting my brother in America. And till a month ago I loved travelling but after all the stress and a little (not so little) mishap of losing my boarding pass and then finding it a couples moments later, and crying on the plane for the first time, I started questioning my love for seeing the world.

A day ago, my brother and I went on a tourist spree and got on a ferry to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis island. We got on to the top deck with excited grins and phones in our hands like the true youth of 2016. And when the boat started moving, we stood up near the railing and let the wind do the talking. As the wind blew my hair and I smelt the salty air, I realized why I loved this so much. The opportunity to experience and learn and feel is the best dream ever. And nothing would satisfy me more than ticking off more places and things on my bucket list!

What does your bucket list consist of? Let me know in the comments below!