imageHear the gravel crunch beneath the tires,
As he drives slowly navigating through the wilderness.
The wipers on the windshield following the rhythm of his promise
His thoughts farther away from this world, unable to grasp by any of us
But something holds us to him, a tie that makes us fall in love with him
His hum carries through the wind
Oh his tune makes our hearts soar high
The melancholy song is sung over and over
Making the sorrows disappear yet the sad in his tune stays for every time it is rolled on
‘Darling to you who am I?’ Sings he with unknown devotion in his voice.
In his musical labyrinth he struggles to find himself, but his song aides to others. An unspoken promise.


A/N: Inspired by Promise – Ben Howard. A beautiful track that means so much more than just a song to me. ❤️