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So it’s been about a month since I started university and since then I’ve been winded of any free time I had. I’ve been constantly bombarded with assignments, keeping up my attendance and actually having a social life. Meeting different people on a daily basis and having to represent myself over and over has been a tad bit exhausting for someone who avoids any human contact at all costs.


But here are my top three tips for all the freshmen:

  1. Do Not Worry. I know it’s easier said than done but please do not worry yourself about little things like ‘which watch will make me fit in better?’ because I was one of the people who thought about everything. It only ends up making you very tired. The one big difference between high school and university is that you will fit in no matter what, that’s about one thing I can almost assure you because I’m one of the hardest people to ever get along with and you won’t ever know as I’d never say what my inner monologue is about but if I managed to get on fine then I’m sure you can too!
  2. Plan But Do Not Overdo It. Planning for your classes and keeping up with the work is key to keep your stress at bay but do not overdo it. It’s easy to go overboard with this like thinking about next month’s exams (well gee am I a hypocrite!). But what I suggest is planning for the next day or two, writing little lists and making it a step-by-step process. This will ensure that you can sleep in peace at night! (Fellow insomniacs, holler!)
  3. Relax and Enjoy. This is one of the most important note I can say to all the students, myself included. The ride has just started and it is a requirement for us to enjoy it. The clubs,the classes, the coffee meetups, the all-nighters, the bus rides, the events, etc. Enjoying it all with the maximum amount of grace we can muster is a major goal behind it all.

So good luck to all the fellow students out there, here’s to passing all the classes we thought we could do!

Ps: The lovely photos I used are taken by a friend, Dakshata, do check out her work!



imageHear the gravel crunch beneath the tires,
As he drives slowly navigating through the wilderness.
The wipers on the windshield following the rhythm of his promise
His thoughts farther away from this world, unable to grasp by any of us
But something holds us to him, a tie that makes us fall in love with him
His hum carries through the wind
Oh his tune makes our hearts soar high
The melancholy song is sung over and over
Making the sorrows disappear yet the sad in his tune stays for every time it is rolled on
‘Darling to you who am I?’ Sings he with unknown devotion in his voice.
In his musical labyrinth he struggles to find himself, but his song aides to others. An unspoken promise.


A/N: Inspired by Promise – Ben Howard. A beautiful track that means so much more than just a song to me. ❤️

Ticking off the bucket list!

So as you may or may not have read I’ve been on summer break, visiting my brother in America. And till a month ago I loved travelling but after all the stress and a little (not so little) mishap of losing my boarding pass and then finding it a couples moments later, and crying on the plane for the first time, I started questioning my love for seeing the world.

A day ago, my brother and I went on a tourist spree and got on a ferry to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis island. We got on to the top deck with excited grins and phones in our hands like the true youth of 2016. And when the boat started moving, we stood up near the railing and let the wind do the talking. As the wind blew my hair and I smelt the salty air, I realized why I loved this so much. The opportunity to experience and learn and feel is the best dream ever. And nothing would satisfy me more than ticking off more places and things on my bucket list!

What does your bucket list consist of? Let me know in the comments below!





Dreams, we all have them, about a future that we would like to have. We would work to any extent to have these dreams come true but over time I have noticed how many young people are not giving into the charm of having dreams, smart kids.

Whether we blame the society or the economy or just competition, dreams have become harder to achieve and a new system of alteration has started. Personally experienced, I started with a rainbow image of who I wanted to be and how I wanted my career and profile to look but as I age every year, the image/ dream keeps altering little by little. It’s saddening yet adjustment is what we are taught. In the process of fighting for what I want, I have molded my dream into something that I barely recognize anymore but I have to look content about it. Isn’t this what I worked so hard for?

No, it isn’t. I wanted to be a part of the making of something great not serve coffee to those who do. Passion isn’t seen anymore, money and power have took over and we have to stay silent about it and pretend it doesn’t bother us. All these complaints from students about education have to be taken seriously as it is a cry for help and being stubborn about it isn’t going to change the world.

It doesn’t feel good to have my dream altered and I don’t want anyone to have to do so either.

Frame your dream and follow it. Dreams are important.

-Love, M



Look into my eyes
And measure my thoughts
Ask me what I like and don’t
My opinions are glimpses into my world
Some times writing them might get me in trouble.
What you have given me are numbers,
Based on someone else’s call
My voice might lie but my eyes never do
Speak to me, hear the quiver in my voice
Passion drives me, you don’t.


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